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Individual consultations with  Anna Gallo

Astrology is the very ancient divine Wisdom given to human beings to enable them to have a deeper contact with their own nature and their talents.

The birth chart reflects our true nature in the Sky like in a very pure mirror.

The chart reveals the very essence of our psyche through the astrological language based on the archetypal myths.

Becoming aware of their presence empowers us to transform the dark aspects in a creative way and to use our talents in a more lively and joyful way.

We can illuminate our talents and our fears, our karmic and familiar past, the people and the situations we are in tune with and the ones we reject, the rhythms that shape our life, the capacity to flow with the events and to learn from our own experiences.

We can also see more clearly what we can cultivate and what we can let go in this very moment of our life.

Therefore, the birth chart is a very precious map that enables us to live in harmony with the original potential that has been within us since the moment of our birth.

The birth chart allows us to discover the unconscious memories, which are the heritage of our ancestors’ lives.
If we know these memories, we are also able to free ourselves from the burden that does not allow us to live our life in a meaningful and joyful way.

Anna Gallo

I have worked with people individually and in groups, using Astrology, Meditation and Creativity in the last 25 years.
I have received teachings from Buddhist Lamas and teachers in India, at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland, at Palden Shangpa la Boulaye in France and in Italy.
I also share Mindfulness & Compassion practices.
I studied AstroGenealogy in France with Annie Beulin.

Info and appointement via Skype:
Anna Gallo ~ annadiluna@gmail.com